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How to validate dropdown using jquery which is binding from backend

if (objBluser.DsUserDetails.Tables[1].Rows.Count>0)
   DataTable dtjudicialdistrict;
   dtjudicialdistrict = objBluser.DsUserDetails.Tables[1];
   ddlJudicialDist.DataMember = "Tbl_JudicialDistrict ";
   ddlJudicialDist.DataTextField = "DistrictLongName";
   ddlJudicialDist.DataValueField = "DistrictID";
   ddlJudicialDist.DataSource = dtjudicialdistrict;
   ddlJudicialDist.Items.Insert(0, "-- Select Judicialdistrict--");
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this is ASP.net? –  butchi Dec 21 '11 at 6:40

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