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I'd like to find and convert all scientific notation strings in a csv file to decimal notation, e.g.:

1.0e-05 to 0.00001

How can I do that in ruby?

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Just use string conversion. The necessary coercion to float will be done automatically:

"%f" % "1.0e-05"
=> "0.000010"

# Which, behind the scenes is the same as:
"%f" % "1.0e-05".to_f
=> "0.000010"

Adjust as necessary to get more or less accuracy. For example:

"%.5f" % "1.0e-05"
=> "0.00001"

If you want to get real fancy and chop off unnecessary zeros at the end, here's one way. (Hopefully someone will suggest something more elegant; I couldn't think of anything):

("%.20f" % "1.0e-05").sub(/\.?0*$/, "")
=> "0.00001"
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If you're interested in doing any sort of math on a number and it is too small:

"%f" % "1.0e-10"
=> "0.000000"

# not so good for various reasons
("%f" % "1.0e-10") == ("%f" % "1.0e-8")
=> true

You can use BigDecimal:

BigDecimal.new "1.0e-10"
=> #<BigDecimal:7ffdf6c38678,'0.1E-9',9(18)>
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