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I just finished an intro to web dev course in my CS program and came away wondering something simple. When should you use JavaScript (client-side) instead of server-side (we used PHP but anything applies) code? Vice-versa as well.

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Regarding Parse.com .... stackoverflow.com/a/24010828/294884 –  Joe Blow Jun 3 '14 at 9:00

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There is no recipe for deciding that. A few notes:

  • security and validation should always be present at the server side (sometimes duplicated in the client).
  • the client-side should contain only UI-logic. No business logic.
  • logically, everything that accesses a database should be on the server.

Of course, if your application is a RIA (rich internet app), then you can have logic on the client. So it all depends.

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Would an example of your first point be having one of those little graphics that says your input is valid, but then double-checking on the server before accepting? –  Portaljacker Dec 21 '11 at 8:00
yes, exactly... –  Bozho Dec 21 '11 at 8:48

Imho i would say, use server-side if you can. All client-side code can be manipulated. Or maybe will not run cause the browser dont support it.

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Javascript should be only used to manipulate the UI of the page. You can also do certain validations using it, however, there must be corresponding validation on the server-side. For doing any data manipulation, applying business logic, etc you should always use server side code.

Here are some cases where you will use client-side code:

  • Changing the look (UI) of the page e.g. dynamically show/hide some elements
  • Validate user inputs (this should also be done on server side)

Cases where to use server-side code:

  • Validation of user inputs (should always be done on server side irrespective of whether done on client side or not.)
  • User authentication
  • Business logic (deciding what to show to which users, calculations)
  • Database access
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