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Suppose I have a dialog which is opened from java file . I want to set multiline title of these dialog box.

  dialog = new Dialog(context);
  String title=getString(R.string.previewImageDialogTitle)+"\n ["+attachment.filename+"]";

But it does not display title in multiline , please suggest me any usable link or example.

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immediately after calling super.onCreate and just before setContentView.

Then add the multiline textview on top of your dialog layout which will work as title

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TextView tv = (TextView) dialog.findViewById(android.R.id.title);
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This works good, should be accepted answer as it keeps all the other features of the title. – Erik Soderstrom May 19 '14 at 11:53
Just to note that if your dialog extends an AppCompatDialog then you need to be careful where you put this code. I had it in onCreateDialog of a DialogFragment, which was working fine until v23.2.1 of the support library, when it suddenly started throwing a "Window feature must be requested before adding content" exception. The solution was to move it to an event later in the lifecycle, such as onStart. – aaronmarino Mar 14 at 16:19

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