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here is my makefile:

   ld -o sandbox sandbox.o
   nasm -f elf -g -F stabs sandbox.asm

I put a tab character for the command line, but when i try to make the file, it gives me the error: No targets specified and no makefile found

I am using Jeff Duntemann's book and that makefile error is driving me nuts because I can't progress in my study right now!!!

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What is the name of your makefile and how exactly do you try to run it? – Pavel Zhuravlev Dec 21 '11 at 9:15
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It seems to be you are messed up "a tab character for the (make) command line" with "tab character in make recipe command line, i.e. in Makefile itself". The first has no sense for make. The latter is required since the basic syntax of Makefile is the following:

<target>: [ <dependency > ]*
   [ <TAB> <command> <endl> ]+

Thus, you should either use sandbox as a target

> make sandbox

or add to your Makefile the following default target:

all: sandbox

and build with only make:

> make
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