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I have the following problem:

I have a file that has around million lines. So, I need to go to line number 320123 to check the data, how do I do that?

Thanks a lot.

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With n being the line number:

  • ng: Jump to line number n. Default is the start of the file.
  • nG: Jump to line number n. Default is the end of the file.

Copy-pasted straight from Wikipedia.

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You can use sed for this too -

sed -n '320123'p filename 

This will print line number 320123.

If you want a range then you can do -

sed -n '320123,320150'p filename 

If you want from a particular line to the very end then -

sed -n '320123,$'p filename 
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To open at a specific line straight from the command line, use:

less +320123 filename

If you want to see the line numbers too:

less +320123 -N filename

You can also choose to display a specific line of the file at a specific line of the terminal, for when you need a few lines of context. For example, this will open the file with line 320123 on the 10th line of the terminal:

less +320123 -j 10 filename
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For editing this is possible in nano via +n from command line, e.g.,

nano +16 file.txt

To open file.txt to line 16.

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From within less (in Linux):

 g and the line number to go forward

 G and the line number to go backwards

Used alone, g and G will take you to the first and last line in a file respectively; used with a number they are both equivalent.

An example; you want to go to line 320123 of a file,

press 'g' and after the colon type in the number 320123

Additionally you can type '-N' inside less to activate / deactivate the line numbers. You can as a matter of fact pass any command line switches from inside the program, such as -j or -N.

NOTE: You can provide the line number in the command line to start less (less +number -N) which will be much faster than doing it from inside the program:

less +12345 -N /var/log/hugelogfile

This will open a file displaying the line numbers and starting at line 12345

Source: man 1 less and built-in help in less (less 418)

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