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I want to start playing around with Android. Downloaded the sources and followed the instructions from the download page

Made a plain generic build:


But how can i create an e.g.qemu image from that. I looked around the /out dir,found the host tools and the emulator but dont know where to start to get this running.

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Are you trying to build for the emulator? if so follow these steps:

  1. from your android root folder run the following command: "source build/" that will setup the build environment.
  2. to select the build for emulator option use the following command "lunch 1"
  3. build, from your root folder: "make -j4" (the number 4 is twice the number of processors your system has, so if you have a quad core machine use -j8).
  4. run the emulator: "emulator"

That should get you started.

if you need to quickly rebuild a subset and load the changes in the emulator use "adb remount && adb sync".

if you want to rebuild the system image use "make snod"

Hope this helps.

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