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I have an android application that works like restriction of some Apps categories like game. so if i stop all game apps in my android device then how its possible. how i get this app is game OR weather OR Medical etc.

Any ideas....

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Application categories correspond to a classification in Android Market, but not something you can check on the application itself. What you can do is to query the Android Market for information of a specific application.

Android Market identifies applications by package name. So get an ApplicationInfo for the package you want to query about (check PackageManager documentation) and use ApplicationInfo.packageName.

Then query Android Market about the package name you just got. Here's a non-official API

Hope it helps.

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How can i compare this, means day by day android market is update then how can i manage? –  Jack Patoliya Dec 21 '11 at 9:41
I am afraid that you can not monitor updates in Market with this API, but you can cache the results and re-check from time to time. Generally it is safe to assume the category will not change. Although it is possible, it is unlikely. –  gimix Dec 21 '11 at 10:41

Create a raw JSON POST request, with an array of the packages you want to categorize:

  "packages": [

Send it to:

And here's the response:

    "apps": [
            "category": "Photography",
            "created": 1430868349,
            "package": "com.pixmix.mobileapp"
            "category": "Productivity",
            "created": 1427510152,
            "package": ""
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