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I have an LINQ-to-SQL (IQueryable) query, which I need to debug as it's horrendously slow. I've managed to get the T-SQL from the query (by simply hovering over the IQueryable object after I put a breakpoint in), but the query uses parameters such as @p1, @p2 etc - some of which are a mystery to me (usually ones in a COALESCE function). Is there anyway to view these?

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possible duplicate of Retrieve LINQ to sql statement (IQueryable) WITH parameters – BrokenGlass Dec 21 '11 at 8:24
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The Visual Studio Magazine suggest a Visual Studio Extension called LInQ to Entities Debug Visualizer.

RV's Linq to Entity query visualizer is Visual Studio addin. This helps visualize details of debugged LInQ query with

  1. Lambda expression.
  2. Native SQL.
  3. Edit query parameters
  4. Connection properties.
  5. Query execution log.
  6. Option to export query result to MS Excel file.

You can download it here

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