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My output is "[B@b42cbf" with no errors.

It should be a string that says "Server Check".

How do I fix my code to put out the string rather than the address?

My code to print the object has been changed several times, but is now as follows.


My packet class is as follows.

import java.io.Serializable;

public class Packet implements Serializable {

    final public short MESSAGE = 0;
    final public short COMMAND = 1;

    private String _ip;
    private short _type;
    private String _source;
    private String _destination;
    private byte[] _message;

    public Packet(String ip, short type, String source, String destination,
            byte[] message) {
        this._ip = ip;
        this._type = type;
        this._source = source;
        this._destination = destination;
        this._message = message;

    public String getIP() {
        return this._ip;

    public Short getType() {
        return this._type;

    public String getSource() {
        return this._source;

    public String getDestination() {
        return this._destination;

    public byte[] getMessage() {
        return this._message;

I Send the packet though an ObjectOutputStream and recieve it in an ObjectInputStream. The object is covereted to a packet with (Packet). You can see how this works as follows.

public void sendPacket(Packet packet) throws NoConnection {
        if (this._isConnected) {
            try {
                this._oos.flush();  // Makes packet send
            } catch (Exception e) {
                this._isConnected = false;
                throw new NoConnection("No notification of disconnection...");
        } else {
            throw new NoConnection("No connection...");

Here is the listener.

    public void run() {
        try {
            this._ois = new ObjectInputStream(this._socket.getInputStream());
            Packet packet = (Packet) this._ois.readObject();
        } catch(Exception e) {
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[B@b42cbf is what you get when you print a byte array, i.e. binary data.

To get a String from that, you need to know the encoding, and then you can do:

String messageStr = new String(packet.getMessage(), "UTF-8");

Of course, that only works if that data is actually printable data.

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+1 yes, you are quite right, this is much better. I should put a curfew on my SO. –  user166390 Dec 21 '11 at 8:43

getMessage() returns a byte array. The toString() method for an array does NOT print its contents. You could make getMessage() return a String instead.

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This is normal, you are printing the array object as a String.

Use: System.out.println(new String(packet.getMessage());.

That is, build a String out of the bytes in it. And note that this uses the default encoding.

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