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I am faced with a Sugar 6.3 CE installation, trying to create new accounts through rest api.

I am still on the learning curve for a lot of the innards of the CRM, and cannot figure out how to have the email inserted whith the rest of the account info upon creation with a REST call.

I have tried many different field values, and after catching that $email1 was used in some snippet examples I saw on the sugarCRM site. I have not found other mentions in the forums or in the docs yet.

The $parameters array used to configure the usual rest call to create an account in php with REST api looks like this and works fine, except for the $email1:

$parameters = array(
 'session' => $session,
 'module' => 'Contacts',
 'name_value_list' => array(

   array('name' => 'first_name', 'value' => 

   array('name' => 'last_name',  'value' =>
    array('name' => 'phone_work', 'value' =>
     utf8_encode($row->PrimaryPhoneAreaCode . ' ' .  $row->PrimaryPhone)),

   array('name' => 'phone_fax',  'value' => 
     utf8_encode($row->PrimaryFaxAreaCode . ' ' .  $row->PrimaryFaxNumber)),
    array('name' => 'title', 'value' => 

   array('name' => 'email1',     'value' => 

   array('name' => 'primary_address_street', 'value'  => 
     utf8_encode($row->Address1) . '  ' . 
    array('name' => 'language',   'value' => 

   array('name' => 'assigned_user_id', 'value' => 
     get_rep_id($row->Salesperson1Name, $sugarlink)),

I would be curious, if someone has the trick. I tried to find to field for emails but it seems to be in separate tables. Any help / tips appreciated.

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Currently I think that not works with REST api but works with SOAP API. Could you try to use email1_set_in_workflow key instead of email1? It's not a very good solution but perhaps that could unlock you pending a better way to do that in future release

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If you are using REST API the email1 will work for both set en get methods (just tested it).

Did not used the SOAP API as in your example, and suggest to migrate all to REST according to SugarCRM recommendations.

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