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if you have an interface:

public interface ILuckynumberService
   int GetMyLuckyNumber();

And if you generate a stub for this interface like below, how can you enforce it to return 5 on the first call, then 7 on the second and 11 on the third call?

stubLuckyService = MockRepository.GenerateStub<ILuckyService>();
// Now, how to arrange stubLuckyService here?
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it would be less statefull if GetMyLuckyNumber took a last number parameter that defaulted to k-1 – Jodrell Dec 21 '11 at 9:21
Take it as an idiot proof example, please. – pencilCake Dec 21 '11 at 9:22
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Here is how I would do it, although there may be a more straight forward way of doing it:

var results = new[] {5, 7, 11};
var count = 0;
service.Expect(x => x.GetMyLuckyNumber()).Return(0)
                                         .WhenCalled(x => { 
                                                x.ReturnValue = results[count];
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Maybe something like:

 int[] numbers = new[] {5, 7, 11};
 var cnt = 0;
 Func<int> numberToReturnFunc = () => { 
     var numberToReturn = numbers[cnt];
     cnt = cnt+1;
     return numberToReturn;
 stubLuckyService.Stub(y => y.GetMyLuckyNumber()).Return(numberToReturnFunc());

I haven't tried it myself, but it could work. It compiles at least :).

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Another option is to use Repeat.Once():

service.Expect(x => x.GetMyLuckyNumber()).Return(5).Repeat.Once();
service.Expect(x => x.GetMyLuckyNumber()).Return(7).Repeat.Once();
service.Expect(x => x.GetMyLuckyNumber()).Return(11).Repeat.Once();
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