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I was cloning the open embedded project yesterday. Because of connection problems, the cloning failed. I started the command again and cloning started from the beginning.

Is there any way to start my clone from the point where it failed?

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Unfortunately this cannot be done. See

  • Continue interrupted git clone

    No. git clone cannot be restarted. You'll need to rm -rf common, and then restart then clone from the beginning.

  • Continue git clone after interruption

    Unfortunately, we did not have enough GSoC slots for the project to allow restartable clones.

    There were discussions about how to implement this on the list, though.

    Unfortunately, those of us who know how the native protocol works can't come to an agreement on how it might be restartable. If you really read the archives on this topic, you'll see that Nico and I disagree about how to do this. IIRC Nico's position is, it isn't really possible to implement a restart.

You have to restart the clone.

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