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I've been using foreman for a while now to scale my various ruby processes in a centralized manner, and it is working perfectly for me .

Anyways I would like to have some feature to restart a process or even to give it more control like to kill a process and start it again, in the current implementation when I kill one process the whole process in the main foreman stop . any workaround or solution here ?

Thanks in advance

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While foreman start is very convenient for development, I would not recommend it for production. I recommend using upstart, but there are also other alternatives - foreman also supports exporting to bluepill, inittab and runit (I've never used any of these myself).

I've also used god in the past, and it worked quite well for starting and monitoring processes. I wrote a foreman_god gem to use Procfiles with god, which simplifies the configuration (no need to export any config files).

Alternatively, there is also an export script that exports god config files from your Procfile.

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It seems that answer within the fork of John Mosses foreman_restartable ,

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Anyways I want my processes to keep working even if one down , is there any tricky way to restart the process or even not to stop all the processes in case one went down ? I mean in production level I want the solution to be stable enough, is that possible without Upstart ? thanks in advance –  Eki Eqbal Jan 4 '12 at 16:56

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