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I have a varbinary column we use to store excel files. I need to update this column with the contents of a different xls file that is currently on my filesystem.

Given a java.sql.Connection, how should I update the row?

We are using sql server 2005.

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Using a java.util.Connection and the correct SQL you could create an appropriate java.sql.PreparedStatement (I don't use SQL Server, so you'd be better writing the SQL yourself).

You can create a java.sql.Blob using the byte data read from your xls file.

Call .setBlob(Blob) on your PreparedStatement and then execute it.

I didn't write the code for you, but that should be the basics.

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I ended up doing the following:

PreparedStatement st = conn.prepareStatement("update MyTable set binaryData = ? where id= 9");
st.setBinaryStream(1, new FileInputStream(file), (int)file.length());
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Warning: if your file is longer than Integer.MAX_VALUE bytes, casting its length() to an int will give you a negative number, which may cause setBinaryStream not to work properly. I don't know why setBinaryStream wasn't declared to take a "long" as the length. –  Andrew Swan Jun 24 '09 at 4:58


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Pass in a byte array to a BLOB field.

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