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I'm trying to make a socket connection with this code

//Server code
- (void)startServer{
    sockPort = [[NSSocketPort alloc] initWithTCPPort:9786];
    NSConnection *theConnection;
    theConnection = [[NSConnection alloc] initWithReceivePort:sockPort sendPort:nil];
    theConnection=[[NSConnection alloc] init];
    [theConnection setRootObject:self];
    [theConnection registerName:@"Server Connection"];

//Client Code
     NSConnection *conn=[NSConnection connectionWithReceivePort:nil sendPort:sockPort];
     NSLog(@"Socket descriptor=%d",[sockPort socket]);


Socket descriptor=-1

why socket descriptor is showing -1?

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The code posted doesn't particular make sense - but if we assume the client side of the code was a little more conventional and looked like:

- (void)startClient
    NSSocketPort *sockPort = [[NSSocketPort alloc] initRemoteWithTCPPort: 1234
                                                                    host: @"hostname"];
    NSConnection  *connection = [NSConnection  connectionWithReceivePort: nil 
                                                                sendPort: sockPort];

The socket on sockPort here should be -1, as it doesn't represent a socket in that process, rather a destination a such socket should be connected to.

Of more interest are receivePort and sendPort properties on the connection object.

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You have a double alloc. The second should be removed.

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