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I am working on allowing users to log into my site using either facebook or the standard membership.

I am using the c# facebook sdk.

The first time the user logs into the site using facebook I create a new user in the membership database using their facebook id as their username and generate a random password.

So all is good I have created the new user account however I am not sure how to authenticate the logged in user against my membership database.

Within FormsAuthentication I can see a method to authenticate


It requires name and password.

Can I authenticate the user against my membership database without knowing the password? I don't want to know the password so I need to ensure a random one is always generated.

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Don't know if that's your case but maybe SetAuthCookie() method will solve your problem.

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Yes that does the trick. That makes life easy :) Thank you – Diver Dan Dec 21 '11 at 10:07

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