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Is there a way to match the following string with any of the hamcrest matchers.


This string is passed to a method. I use JMock expectations to match it.

The problem: "72e3a446-2fed-4bda-ac35-34e95ab3dc32" part is random generated UUID, which is generated inside the tested method. Is there a Hamcrest String matcher which will match something like

new StringCompositeMatcher("{\"messageType\":\"identify\",\"_id\":\"", with(any(String.class)), "\"address\":\"\",\"port\":7070}" )

It must match that the expected string begins with "{\"messageType\":\"identify\",\"_id\":\" there is any string after that, and ends with the ",\"address\":\"\",\"port\":7070}"

EDIT: The solution

with(allOf(new StringStartsWith("{\"messageType\":\"identify\",\"_id\":\""), new StringEndsWith("\",\"address\":\"\",\"port\":7070}")))
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That would be better written allOf(startsWith("..."), endsWith("...")). –  Ryan Stewart Dec 24 '11 at 5:13

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Perhaps the most elegant way to do it would be to use regexp, though there is no built-in matcher for it. However, you can easily write your own.

Alternatively, you can combine startsWith() and endsWith() with allOf().

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It looks like JSON. Why not use a JSON parser?

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