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In my code I'm dealing with ObservableCollections (as a System.Type). Then I do :

var args = propertyType.GetGenericArguments();

to know what type of Collection I have I'm doing tests like :

if (args.Count() != 0 && args[0] == typeof(string))

I'm testing if args is not empty but what Im wodering is "Is it possible that the args list is empty when I'm dealing with ObservableCollection ?"

Im not sure if what Im asking is clear, just tell me if it's not !

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No. args can never be empty if the propertyType is a generic type.

You can rather check if the type is generic before executing this code using type.IsGenericType property.

Hence I would suggest it this way:

    var args = propertyType.GetGenericArguments();
    if (args[0] == typeof(string))
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ok, thats what I wanted to be sure ;) thx –  Guillaume Slashy Dec 21 '11 at 10:40

If you can guarantee that propertyType is always typeof(ObservableCollection<T>) then it's safe to assume args will always have one element.

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