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I'm still new to jQuery and come from a flash/javascript background when it comes to banners and dynamic web features. Does anyone know any good tutorials for a simple rotating banner?

I'm looking to build one with 3 rotating images and a 1,2,3 button to go back to other images.

Any help or advise would be great.

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The jQuery Cycle-plugin is perfect for this


It even makes a dynamic menu (like 1,2,3-bottons like you wanted).

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You should get familiar with jQuery Animate.

But why reinvent the wheel ? There are so many good and well tested jQuery plugins.



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Have a look at this function, it's a simple slider:


<img src="pic_01.jpg" id="photo" />
<span id="slideNumber"></span>


var ImageArr1 = new Array("pic_01.jpg","pic_02.jpg","pic_03.jpg");
var ImageHolder1 = document.getElementById("photo");

function RotateImages(whichHolder,Start)
var a = eval("ImageArr"+whichHolder);
var b = eval("ImageHolder"+whichHolder);
b.src = a[Start];
document.getElementById('slideNumber').textContent = "Slide "+(Start+1)+" of "+ImageArr1.length;


I have a picture container and switch it's SRC-attribute to show the other pictures. It's timed automatically to 3500 milliseconds and shows information about the picture index below.

That's pure javascript I know, but have a look at it. It will teach you some basics.

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I got my banner working finally, thanks for all the post's. I'll also try this code for another rotator I'm doing. Thanks everyone! –  huddds Dec 22 '11 at 10:34
congratulations! ;) –  Manticore Dec 22 '11 at 15:08
Worked for me!! –  marcinsdance Dec 13 '12 at 14:47

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