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I have found this example :


And I would like to apply it to my JSplitPane.

So I do :

BasicSplitPaneUI bspUI=(BasicSplitPaneUI)mainContainer.getUI();
mainContainer.setUI(new ola.elementsCustom.SplitPaneDivider(bspUI));

But It gives me an error that I don't really understand :

no suitable method found for setUI() (ola.elementsCustom.SplitPaneDivider) method javax.swing.JSplitPane.setUI(javax.swing.plaf.SplitPaneUI) is not applicable ...

How can I fix that ?

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ola.elementsCustom.SplitPaneDivider needs to extend javax.swing.plaf.SplitPaneUI - are you sure that's the case?

Anyway you can always modify the looks and behaviour of your divider using something like:

splitPane.setUI(new BasicSplitPaneUI() {
            public BasicSplitPaneDivider createDefaultDivider() {
                return new BasicSplitPaneDivider(this) {
                    public void setBorder(Border b) {
                        //some code
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@user1012297 technically correct, but nothing anybody wants to do in a real-world application ;-) a) as a minimum, it would be done for all split panes of the application via an appropriate entry in UIManager (vs. doing it on each individual instance) b) extend the delegate of the real LAF (vs. extending BasicXX) c) do it for all LAFs that are supported ... –  kleopatra Dec 21 '11 at 11:04

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