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I wonder if there is a function that converts rational types to Float (Rational a => a -> Float).

I tried hoogling, but found nothing.

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In Haskell you don't convert to but from. See fromRational.

threeHalves :: Ratio Integer
threeHalves = 3 % 2
sqrt threeHalves -- Fails
sqrt $ fromRational threeHalves -- Succeeds

If you need a Rational -> Float function, you can define it as

toFloat x = fromRational x :: Float
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Thanks, I especially like the first sentence.. should help a lot in the future. – aelguindy Dec 21 '11 at 12:46
Sometime you convert from, sometimes to. There's, e.g., toInteger. – augustss Dec 21 '11 at 15:27


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There is also fromIntegral to convert Ints and Integers to any instance of Num.

foo :: Float -> Float
foo x = x+1

value :: Int
value = 4

newValue = foo (fromIntegral value)
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Note that Rational is a type, not a typeclass, so Rational a => a doesn't make sense. Try hoogling Rational -> Float instead.

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