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Per subject, how do I find location of php.ini file programmatically ?

So far, I am able to use below command to find out if PHP5 has been loaded-

 ps x | grep -i apache2 | xargs lsof -p | grep libphp5.so

Is there a way I can find out which all files are being used by this shared library (as opposed to a process?)

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Since PHP 5.2.4 you can use php_ini_loaded_file to retrieve the ini file within PHP. Maybe you can call a simple php script that returns that. Something like that:

fab@jule:/tmp$ cat `php t.php` | grep memory_limit
memory_limit = -1

Content t.php:


echo php_ini_loaded_file();

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That will only show the contents of the cli version of the file, but the op is asking for the php.ini loaded by libphp5.so via Apache. –  Gerry Aug 11 '12 at 19:16

if you are looking for all opened files for a process:

lsof -p PID


ls -l /proc/YourPID/fd/

then maybe you could do a grep php.ini on the result of opened file list.

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That is what I've been trying but interestingly, php.ini is not being listed by apache2 process at all! btw, I am running php as module in apache2 –  user837208 Dec 21 '11 at 21:27

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