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I have a small web rich text editor that have some features like bolb, italic, and so on...

The text generated is html, and I would like to insert that text inside a word document bookmarks.

Putting the text into the bookmarks is not a problem. However, I have problems because of the text format (with the bolds for example).

Is there a fast way to "convert" text from html to doc, or just a way to include html into a word document?

This is an exemple:

 <p>Hello <strong>world<strong/></p>

This text should just appear "Hello World" in the word bookmark.

Thanks in advance.

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Enclosing the html in ... <\body> tags should do the trick.

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This didn't work for me. All I got was <body>...</body> appearing in my document. – Dan Stevens Sep 6 '12 at 13:00

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