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Project methodology for small teams

They say that Scrum is fine-tuned for a 7 members team (+/-2), so it is not necessarily the best choice for smaller teams of 3-4 people. Obviously in a 3 member team you can't have things like a dedicated product owner or a scrum master that is not coding.

Are there any other frameworks that deal with teams that are this small?

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I think in every implementation of a methodology you should give it your own flavour. Because every team develops in different circumstances.

I worked in a team of 3 developers and we had our own mixture of "agile" work. You might not want to 'pick a methodology' but design a process that works for you.

I think the best way is just to start with something you think that might work for you (which might be Scrum, without having a product owner) and always be cautious of 'waste', thinks you are doing but dont add any value (thats why iterations evaluations are useful) Your development process should get better and better every iteration, unfortunately there is not really a golden bullet here, not for small teams, not for big teams, even not for teams of 7+/-2.

Factors as: team experience, individual experience, communication that is necessary, product risks, quality, type of client etc. are all factors that influence how you implement your process.

The main goal of agile process is: having the right focus on the right things

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