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I use control-r on the command line frequently to search for previous commands but cannot get this to work for commands that have just been run in a bash script.

I've tried running the script directly and using 'source' but history shows no record.

Is there anyway to get history updated via a script?

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You can try using history -s command to store the command in the history list.


$ history -s echo foo

(reverse-i-search)`foo': echo foo

Alternatively, write your commands to a file and then use history -n file to read commands from the file into the current history list.


$ echo "echo bar" > /tmp/file
$ history -n /tmp/file

(reverse-i-search)`bar': echo bar
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The latter use case is the one I'm after but unfortunately does not work for me. I'm on a Mac... Hmm.. – zaf Dec 21 '11 at 12:23

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