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Is there any date picker for Java Swing when I click the textfield and the calendar pops up and I can choose the date?? (without any extra button please)

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Swingx has a nice JXDatePicker control. Since Oracle moved java.net to kenai it's a bit of an adventure to find anything.

Here is the main page: http://swingx.java.net/

There a JWS demo there too.

and here's the download area


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No, there is no date picker component in Java swing. You can try JCalendar - date chooser.

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i know JCalendar but i need from the text field that automatically pops up.. i dont want any extra button near it. –  xmux Dec 21 '11 at 12:58

I suggest to use JSpinner (since there no popup window) for implemented SpinnerDateModel

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