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I have Linux server with one physical interface eth0 and 3 virtuals eth1, eth2, eth3. Server has 4 IP addresses, it is necessary to use a lot IP ports (more than 100k). Server has bond0 interface with 4 addresses, for example .1, .2, .3 and .4. My application based on ACE v5.5. To open an local 1023 port I use ACE_SOCK_Dgram class with ctor argument ACE_Addr = ACE_INET_Addr(""). It works. How to open 1023 on another local IP?


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I found the solution. Using ACE_INET_Addr("x.x.x.1:1023"), ACE_INET_Addr("x.x.x.2:1023"), ACE_INET_Addr("x.x.x.2:1024"), etc in ACE_SOCK_Dgram ctor param provide your application to use different IP addresses and different ports. You can manage port and address as you like.

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