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I'm using jQuery, fancybox and vgrid library(http://blog.xlune.com/2009/09/vgrid/demo007.html)

I want to achieve some sequential fadeIn animation. This is the part of my code doing this:

  for(item in data_array)

      _item= $(data_array[item]).hide()

    {'transitionIn':'elastic', 'transitionOut':'elastic', 'titlePosition':'inside', }   
    alert('seqAnim '+ctr+', '+array2.length+" , "+array2[ctr]);
      alert('fading in');
      array2[ctr++].fadeIn(300, seqAnim);
      alert('done fading in');
//         $('a[rel=fancybox]').fancybox(
//  {'transitionIn':'elastic', 'transitionOut':'elastic', 'titlePosition':'inside', }   
//  );    
    alert('all done');

  vg.vgrefresh(null, null, null, seqAnim)

this might not be the best way of doing so but it is working. At least in FF and Chrome. but in ie9, it is not working. I've been trying to debug it with alert calls but I can't find the bug. the alert calls in seqAnim function pop up only once.

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I would try doing something like this for sequential animations:

var data_array = ["#item1", "#item2", "#item3"],
    //instead of a loop, join the selectors together
    //and wrap them at the same time.
    $items = $(data_array.join(',')).hide(),
    animLen = 1000;

    {'transitionIn':'elastic', 'transitionOut':'elastic', 'titlePosition':'inside', }   

$items.each(function(i, item) {
    var $item = $(item);

    $item.delay(i * animLen).queue('fadeInQueue', function(next) {

vg.vgrefresh(null, null, null, seqAnim);


Here is a jsFiddle of it working. I've tested it in IE9, and FF8 and it working in both places.

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