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I am using jQuery.tmpl Templates to render data that i fetch via ajax. Still, sometimes layouts are rendered on the server (i.e. for entry-points, fallback and caching) so the templates used by jQery.tmpl are very much the same as the Views used by Zend Framework which is use as a backup.

The Problem is that Zend uses PHP tags inside HTML while jQuery uses a template language. Whre the ZF View looks like this:

<div id="Item_<?= $this->item->id ?>" class="Items">
  <h2><?= $this->item->title ?></h2>
  <p><?= $this->item->teaserText ?></p>

the jQuery Template looks like this:

<div id="Item_${id}" class="Items">

Is there an easy to integrate but stil flexible template engine i could use to parse the jQery templates? Has anyone any Experience with using Smarty for such a Solution?

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You can extend Zend_View to use the same syntax as jQuery templating engine, this way both template would be the same.

There is a section in the manual describing how to use or implement your own template engine.

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Yes, i could rewrite Zend_View couldn't i? But since i try to avoid code repetition to avoid wasting time i'd rather not do that ;D –  Andresch Serj Dec 21 '11 at 13:12
@AndreschSerj: if you write your own template you should be able to use the same syntax, so no more duplication? –  RageZ Dec 21 '11 at 13:13
Yes, but then i would have written my own Template engine right? And re-building the wheel is exactly what code repetition is, which is why I specifically asked for a template engine to use here. –  Andresch Serj Dec 21 '11 at 13:46

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