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I am a new ASP.NET developer. I need to develop the web application to be able to send emails automatically everyday at 7am. I know how to do that using Windows Task Scheduler. All what I need to do is creating a page that contains a script which send emails to all users in the database with link to the last created quiz in the database. The schema of the tables:

Employee Table: Username, Name, Job, Email

Quiz Table: QuizID, Title, Description

Question Table: QuestionID, Question, Answer1, Answer2, Answer3, CorrectAnswer, QuestionOrder, QuizID.

Now, I could be able to send emails by creating a page that contains the required code for sending

email in the Page_load method, but I don't know how to include the link of last created quiz in this email, in addition, to the emails of the users. How to do that? My Code-Behind is:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    SmtpClient sc = new SmtpClient("mail address");
    MailMessage msg = null;

        msg = new MailMessage("",
            "", "Message from PSSP System",
            "This email sent by the PSSP system");


    catch (Exception ex)
        throw ex;

        if (msg != null)
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What part are you stuck trying to do? Trying to query the database to obtain the link? I just noticed part of your question is merged into the code. Can someone with edit rights amend please? – DaveHogan Dec 21 '11 at 13:10
Yeah, I want to put the link of the last created quiz in the email that will be sent to all users. How to do that? – user1093651 Dec 23 '11 at 18:50

Why do you need a Web application that sends emails at 7am? thats a wrong approach.

Instead you should consider programming a Win32 console C# application that will do this job for you.

Either you run a timer on your Win32 console application that fires a function that sends emails at 7am, or use the Windows task scheduler to run the application at 7am.

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You will need to retrieve this information from the DB and construct a message text as you need for each result from the database. You can create HTML-formatted messages by setting MailMessage.IsBodyHtml property to True.

Also, you will need to make sure that your page is called at 7am every morning, for which you can use Windows Task Scheduler in combination with cURL program (

Perhaps an even better solution to the timing issue is to create a Windows Service or a Console program scheduled in Windows Task Scheduler.

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What you're asking for isn't a specific question and will involve a fair amount of effort to answer.

To get you started you need to look at ways to retrieve that information from the database. You didn't mention what database technologies you're using? provides a good starting point for retrieving data from a database.

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You should try and use a Web service for this functionality. Read on Web Service from Google.

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