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i can play a video by xuggle , but when i start my program , the video open in it's seperate JFrame !! , i want implement this player inside my own Jframe or JPanel in FullScreen Display Mode , so how can i do this ??

iam using thise code to play the video :

private IMediaReader reader;
private IMediaViewer viewer;
viewer = ToolFactory.makeViewer();        
reader = ToolFactory.makeReader("assets/Video/intro_video.flv"); 
while(reader.readPacket() == null);

an also i need know how to load the url by resource method (this.getClass().getResource()) to make this video play and can load the video file when i run the programm from .jar file

thank you

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Add this code after add listener, reader.addListener(ToolFactory.makeViewer(true, JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE)); If you don't wanna statics screen so make true

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