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I have 50 controllers, and 90 Models. Everywhere i was using/repeating same words 'login' and 'success'. I want to make one global constant so that i can access from anywhere in my controllers and models. How or where do you declare this following 2 line.

Try to put this somewhere to have global access:

    || define('MYFIXED_WORD_SUCCESS', "success");
    || define('MYFIXED_WORD_SUCCESS', "login");

Example of repeating:

if (count($result) > 0) 
  $return = array(
        'flag'  => 'login',  // replace it with MYFIXED_WORD_
        'result'=> 'success',// replace it with MYFIXED_WORD_
        'extra' => array(group'=>$rec->group,));
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the bootstrap would be a good place or the index.php – RageZ Dec 21 '11 at 13:39
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Anything you include or set in bootstrap.php should be available from anywhere in your application. But have a look at Zend_Translate since it does pretty much what you want but in a organised way. Alternatively you could set it in application.ini and get to it thru Zend_Config.

You "could" put it in /public/index.php but in my opinion its not the place to put such thing. Imagine when you have thousands of const like that how it would polute a file that basically never should change.

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You can save your variables in Zend_Registry

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I'm using a constants.ini file in application/configs folder, and, in Bootstrap.php, I'm iterating and defining constants:

 * Loads app-wide constants from ini file
protected function _initDefineConstants()
    $constantFile = APPLICATION_PATH . '/configs/constants.ini';
    $iniParser = new Zend_Config_Ini($constantFile);

    foreach ($iniParser->toArray() as $constName => $constantVal) {
        define($constName, $constantVal);

Example of constants.ini:

PRODUCT_VIEW_REC = 4 ; number of recommended products in Product view

; columns in "options" table
OPT_TEL_ORDER = telephone_order
OPT_QUICK_EMAIL = quick_order_email
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How do you access these defined constant in a layout for exemple ? – Fopa Léon Constantin Nov 14 '12 at 0:28
I don't know exactly what do you mean by "layout", but if it's something wrapped in <?php ?>, they're available. They're constants after all (global namespace). – nevvermind Nov 14 '12 at 21:27

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