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I recently started experiencing weird behavior with git. I'm on Windows 7 and using MINGW32.

My git repository is in /d/www/project1/app

When I type in git pull origin master, I used to get:

fatal: cannot lstat '\/$RECYCLE.BIN': No such file or directory

Which is a hidden system folder in /d. After removing it, I noticed it just moved on to the next file it could find in /d (root folder of my D: drive) and is still throwing the same lstat error.

So the question is simple - why on earth does it try to lstat every file and folder on my D drive?


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There must be a .git folder ( created accidentally maybe) in the root of drive D: ( and you are not doing the command in the correct folder where your actual repo)

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There isn't. And I'm doing the command in the correct folder. I've been working on that project (and that repo) for almost a year now and it always worked fine. I get the same error even if I try to clone it to a new folder. All the other repos seem to work fine. –  void0 Dec 21 '11 at 17:42
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