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I have a Oracle DB dump file and now I only need parts of the tables that are included there. Does anyone know how I can extract this parts into a separate dump file (or SQL)?

I thought about using the import statement. Import from dump file (full export) to dumpfile (needed parts) something like this, but don't know if its possible this way

import user/pw directory=fullexport_dump dumpfile=part.dmp logfile=import.log status=30
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No it's not possible. You can only limit rows while exporting using query parameter.

exp .....  query="where id=10"

You may search further in the Oracle Documentation.

So, import the whole table, and create a new table with only required parts:

create table NEEDEDPARTS as select * from FULLEXPORT where id=10

Or, import the whole table and re-export with query parameter.

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