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I have a list component which is filled out using a data store(data loaded from server as json). A part of data from data store is displayed as list items, and i need some kind of a "+" button to the left of it to expand a list item(and "-" to collapse) to reveal(/hide) the remaining info. I could simply put some javascript to itemTpl tag but i've no idea how to make smooth transitions this way. Maybe am missing some standard settings for a list component, but i can't find any info. Any help appreciated.

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There is no standard settings to do this functionality. But this is possible to achieve. You can have your item template as something like this:

itemTpl: '<div class="plus"></div><div class="title">{title}</div><div class="hidden">{mydetails}</div>'

Initially, the details is hidden. You need to handle the animation when your taps the list item. So, in your event you will have to do:

itemtap: function(view,index,htmlElement,e,opts) {

    // change the div plus to minu..
    // Get hold of the div with details class and animate
    var el = htmlElement.select('div[class=hidden]');

    el.toggleCls('hidden'); //remove the hidden class if available..
    el.show(true); // show with animation


The object is obtained from select() method is Ext.dom.CompositeElementLite .. Refer this class for more methods. You can call the Ext.Anim from this object as well..

To animate you can use the Ext.Anim class. Once you have the html element of you 'details' div, you can:

    from: 'hiddenCSS',
    to: 'visibleCSS'

Refer to Anim class for more setting that might be needed to have your desired effect. Also note that you will have to track the previously clicked (expanded) list items.

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Thanks for your reply it's great! However i can't get the html element of 'details' div. I believe am doing smth wrong, im trying to do it as follows: 'itemtap':function(list, index, item, evt){/*...*/ var details = item.dom.getElementsByClassName('details')[0]; details.className += " show"; /*...*/} This code does show details but i have to remove the show class myself, and i can't use details.addCls since it's not a sencha touch element. I believe this is the same reason for Ext.Anim.run not working. So could you please flesh out a bit how do i get a correct reference. Thanks for your time. –  igrek Dec 22 '11 at 10:55
check the udpated code... I have provided code to show the details info when user tap on an item –  Abdel Raoof Dec 22 '11 at 20:31
wow! Thanks a lot! I've made it work but it is "var el = htmlElement.select('div.hidden');" in case if somebody needs this. –  igrek Dec 23 '11 at 8:21

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