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Not sure if this is possible but can I call a method from an irb shell with spaces between parameters rather than commas (don't ask) ? Lets say I have a method

def start_band(member1, member2, member3, member4)
    #do something

And then I call it like the following:

irb>> start_band "John" "Paul" "George" "Ringo"

EDIT: Would it be possible to detect every keypress instead?

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No, you can't do that. Not with strings anyway.

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You could use something like treetop to write a really simple DSL, or just play monkey-parsing games, but that won't solve your exact question.

The other obvious answer is this, which also fails:

irb>> start_band %W(John Paul George Ringo)

Creating an irb-like CLI isn't difficult, and may be adequate, depending on what your actual requirements are.

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There is actually a very easy way to get rid of the commas. You can even get rid of the quotes, too:

def start_band(members)
  #members is an array

start_band %w(John Paul George Ringo)

The limitation is that you can't use spaces inside your strings, and you still need start-end terminations (can use other characters instead of parenthesis though).

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You can use spaces inside the strings, you just have to escape them: >> %w[foo\ bar] #=> ["foo bar"]. –  Michael Kohl Dec 21 '11 at 15:57
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Durr! I really approached this the wrong way. I simply needed to run

@members = gets

to allow the input as required. Thanks for the responses nonetheless.

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