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I'm struggling to understand whow I could do the following. I have an abstract class with a static list which should store objects of any derived class. Also in the abstract class I have method which should do stuff with only the objects of the calling derived class. But how can I do this? Variations of GetType() or typeof() have not been successful (can't compile).

    private abstract class Report
        internal static List<Report> allReports;

        internal void Process()
            //get list of Reports which are of the calling derived type
            List<CallingType> reportsOfCallingType = allReports.OfType<CallingType>().ToList();
            //do stuff with reportsOfCallingType
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You could make the report class generic:

private abstract class Report<T> where T : Report<T>
  internal void Process()
        List<T> reportsOfCallingType = allReports.OfType<T>().ToList();
        //do stuff with derivedReports

Which looks a little strange, but is useable like so:

public class CallingType : Report<CallingType>

Or alternatively, use Type.IsInstanceOfType method:

var myReports = allReports.Where(GetType().IsInstanceOfType).ToList();
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That's the CRTP. – SLaks Dec 21 '11 at 15:10
@SLaks It is indeed (the Curiously Recurring Template Pattern) - it is good that such creative pattern names exist! – Rich O'Kelly Dec 21 '11 at 15:16
Thanks. Because, as it said in the article SLaks linked to, the CRTP has some issues, I'll try to use the alternative method. – David S. Dec 21 '11 at 15:47

You can't do that using generics, since you don't have a compile-time type. (unless you use the CRTP)

Instead, write

Type myType = GetType();
List<Report> myReports = allReports.Where(myType.IsInstanceOfType).ToList();
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