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when I request missing image on drupal site (with varnish) I receive error 404, but response contains "Set-Cookie" and it change session cookie to another (different from request)

"Cookie SESS40dc7a980dfa6df7c793546f9fc27a91=affffbf839cd8b9b3ab6bf1130f29586;"
"Set-Cookie SESS40dc7a980dfa6df7c793546f9fc27a91=a02895b3e7a52cd791646364d48eb588;"

When I request without varnish, cookie not changed.

"Cookie SESS40dc7a980dfa6df7c793546f9fc27a91=d42035f3250bc0c512ff5ba3f17df27f;" response:
not found "Set-Cookie" in response

Is varnish problem? For not 404 code is ok, cookies not changed

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My best guess would be that you're stripping all cookies on static content, such as your images, in vcl_recv. That means your backend is receiving a request without any SessionID at all (no cookies at all, actually). That simply causes Drupal/PHP to generate a new SessionID for that particular request.

If the SessionID is irrelevant to you for static content such as images, I would suggest stripping the backend response cookies from the vcl_fetch.

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