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int myfun()
  return 42;

I know I can write

auto myvar = myfun();

but what if I just want to declare myvar (without using a common typedef)?

the_type_returned_by_myfun myvar;

What can be written instead of the_type_returned_by_myfun?

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You can use decltype.

decltype(myfun()) myvar;
// or
typedef decltype(myfun()) myfun_ret;
myfun_ret myvar2;

And if the function happens to have parameters, you can produce fake parameters with std::declval.

#include <utility>

int my_other_fun(foo f);
typedef decltype(myfun(std::declval<foo>())) my_other_fun;
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decltype is your friend:

decltype(myfun()) myvar;
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This is the job of decltype:

decltype(myfun()) myvar;
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