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I have a single with the active state above the hover state, and the css telling it to move up when you hover over...

<a href="#"><img width="220" height="330" src="thumb.jpg" class="img-thumb"/></a> 

a{ float:left;  height:165px;  margin-bottom:20px;  overflow:hidden;  width:220px}

img{ border:none;  margin:0;  opacity:1}

a:hover img{ margin-top:-165px}

Works great hover over, changes to the lower part of the image fine.

Is there any jQuery i can add to fade that, make the hover not so harsh, fade to the lower image?

Any ideas?

Thank you :)

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You are actually moving the image up (by adjusting the margin), so any jQuery transition would involve animating the image to it's final hover resting place, which I believe will be up. –  jondavidjohn Dec 21 '11 at 16:51

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here you go ... without using css3 this is your best bet


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Hmm that slides the image up, is there no way to fade it from the one state to the other? CSS3 would be fine, doesn't have to be jQuery... –  Jezthomp Dec 21 '11 at 17:03

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