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I'm trying to map a few entities based on the result of an oracle stored function that return a cursor.

My code looks like this:

this.getSession().createSQLQuery("{?=call my_pkg.my_func(:myPar1,:myPar2)}")

With this code I get the following exception:

java.sql.SQLException: Missing IN or OUT parameter at index:: 3

How can I tell Hibernate that the missing parameter is a cursor?

According to this doc it should be possible, but there's no sample code as to actually invoke the function.

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According to the document that you link to,

To use this query in Hibernate you need to map it via a named query.

So, create a named query, something like this:

<sql-query name="my_pkg_my_func_SP" callable="true">
    <return alias="..." class="MyTargetClass">
        <return-property name="..." column="..."/>
    { ? = call my_pkg.my_func(:myPar1,:myPar2) }

And call it using something like this:

final List<MyTargetClass> myTargetClassList =
    .setParameter("myPar1", par1)
    .setParameter("myPar2", par2)
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