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Are you able to use MediaStore's queryMiniThumbnails method on images that you store in a custom location (for example /sdcard/testimages)?

When you add a new image to that custom location, does it automatically generate a thumbnail, or is that something I would have to do as I am adding the photos?

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After you store the image in your custom location, you can call MediaScannerConnection.scanFile(String path, String mimeType) to have it added right away. I believe this should add it to the Gallery and thus generate a thumbnail for it. You could then use the queryMiniThumbnails method.

There's also a convenience version of scanFile with a callback that sets up the MediaScannerConnection for you and implements a callback so you can operate on the results when it is done:
scanFile(Context context, String[] paths, String[] mimeTypes, MediaScannerConnection.OnScanCompletedListener callback)

Please give this a try. I haven't tested this exact workflow so not sure if it will work out.

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