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Using the same pc I was using before and installed all essential software that I was using before. I installed few days back it worked fine, but right now SDK not working inside eclipse.

Sdk/Avd manager works fine outside but it is not showing anything under Eclipse under windows tab. When I go to Preference there is also no Android tab. All software are 32bit and the window version I am using is also 32bit. I tried everything I could. I am not a newbie programmer.

  1. Installed Windows again.
  2. I Downloaded everything New and up to date to make sure no compatibility issue.
  3. I reinstalled Sdk to make sure there is no problem.
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Eclipse > Help > Software Updates

And update your version of the Android Eclipse Plugin

The download site is:
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I think you have not installed ADT first download it then in Eclipse Help->Install New software then install it and restart the Eclipse and use it

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