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I have a string of month and years:

var months= "2010_1,2010_3,2011_4,2011_7";

I want to make this into a 2d array with the year in the first position of each array and the month in the second position. In other words, I want to end up with this:

var monthArray2d = [[2010,1],[2010,3][2011,4],[2011,7]];

The way I do this currently is:

//array of selected months
var monthArray = months.split(",");

//split each selected month into [year, month] array
var monthArray2d = new Array();
for (var i = 0; i < monthArray.length; i++) {
    monthArray2d[i] = monthArray[i].split("_");

Is there a way to condense that code so that I never need to use the monthArray var?

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You can use replace to get more compact code:

var months= "2010_1,2010_3,2011_4,2011_7";
var monthArray2d = []

months.replace(/(\d+)_(\d+)/g, function($0, $1, $2) {
    monthArray2d.push([parseInt($1), parseInt($2)]);

or map if your target browser supports it:

monthArray2d = months.split(",").map(function(e) {
    return e.split("_").map(Number);
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If condensed is what you're after:

var month_array = months.split(",").map(function(x){return x.split("_")});
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JavaScript is another dynamic language and its variable type allows you to keep anything wherever you like. You did the split right, now just split that string with _ and put it back in there.

See this example:

var months= "2010_1,2010_3,2011_4,2011_7";

var monthArray = months.split(",");

for (var i = 0; i < monthArray.length; i++) {
   monthArray[i] = monthArray[i].split("_");


I don't know what you mean by not to use monthArray. The code above is the least you can do, probably!

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Splitting each split is a sensible thing to do- you can use a regular expression to match the underscore separated numbers, and insert each pair in its own array pushed to the month array-

but I don't see an improvement over your code:

var s= "2010_1,2010_3,2011_4,2011_7",

A= [], rx=/(\d+)_(\d+)/g;

while((M= rx.exec(s))!= null){
    A.push([M[1], M[2]]);

/*  returned value: (Array)
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