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I'm writing an open source software that is licensed under the GPL. Now I'm offering that other users can translate the software, starting from an english translation I made by myself. What license or range of license may be best for translation of text strings, dialogs, etc.? As GPL is a software license, I thought about a Creative Commons license. The goal is so that all translations remain free and may be updated by other translators.

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From that point of view, I think Creative Commons is the best way you can go ;)

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CC-BY is probably the best to use, however since you are a GNU guy, you may prefer GFDL.

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Ummm...the GPL requires that derivatives be distributed under a GNU license. It's a license requirement. That's what's wrong with GNU and the GPL.

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Is the translated text file really a derivative, or is it more like a part of the source? Have to check GPL license text... –  vividos Mar 17 '11 at 19:38

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