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I have got an html page having couple of <div> elements in html and embedded svg:

  <object id='svgid' data='sample.svg'.../>
  <div id="errorMsgs" style="display:none; height:100%; width:100%; overflow:scroll;"/>
  <div id="warnings" style="display:none; height:100%; width:100%; overflow:scroll;"/>

Inside the sample.svg, I have got couple of java script functions; in case of any errors or warnings, these functions are supposed to hide the entire svg display and bring up the <div> element to visibility. But this is not happening in IE9. The DOM document available inside sample.svg seems to refer the SVG elements of sample.svg, not the html <div> elements. How can I access the <div> elements from the sample.svg?

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The object element is a nested browsing context. You should be able to access your elements with code along the lines of:

var errors = parent.document.getElementById(errorMsgs);
var warns = parent.document.getElementById(warnings);

Here's a simple example of the concept. I can't test it in IE9 right now, but it works in Firefox and Chrome. In IE9 it works, but there's a weird bug which means the SVG takes several minutes to load.

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