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I tried Flash, JWPlayer, HTML5 Video, but none of these could provide me the best solution that I need.

I need a player that can seek a video smoothly. There's no streaming related, the video is 2sec long. It's a body moving in 360º. The user must seek this video to see the body around. Like would be in Windows Media Player.

This is the best approach to this, or I could use another option, like all frames of the video being an image?

Expect your help!

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I think you must try using flowplayer

This has lot of plugins such as liverail,ova,and much more.I would suggest you to try it.It helps you pulling the ad s and much more.And MediaMelon is really good in providing high quality videos. Hope this would help.


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Looks like a spam. Nevertheless , I ended up using video.js, with my need of being mobile compatible too. But flowplayer changed and could be now a solution.

I hope this helps someone.

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