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I am trying to divide an xts object which holds a number of time series (columns; with a common date column (index). I want to divide each column by its value at a specified date (say '2010-09-30'). This is so as to re-scale the entire object with values of 1 in each column at that date (a common re-basing task). Had it been an ordinary matrix, A, and the row I wanted to rebase to was say A[6,], I could just do


and that works. But, trying to manipulate the xts object and its row subset xts['2010-09-30'] doesn't work as easily. Could someone please point me in the right direction. I realise this is very basic and I should have found the answer on my own. In fact, if there is a better method in general for rebasing time series in this manner using a package, I am happy to adopt that approach.

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xts and zoo objects are aligned by index before operations. If you want to divide an entire object by a value at a single row, you have to use coredata (and maybe drop) to get the value to an atomic vector (with only one element).

For example:

x <- xts(1:10,as.Date("2011-12-21")+1:10)
x / drop(coredata(x['2011-12-26']))
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Many thanks @Joshua as usual. I will now try this. BTW, any suggestion on my query yesterday on that data merge operation using quantmod? If it’s a real problem, I'll look in other directions....I just want to make sure its not a beginner error on my part.... – Tatha Dec 21 '11 at 19:30
Absolutely worked! Thanks again. I had used coredata a lot recently....don't know how I forgot that...:) – Tatha Dec 21 '11 at 19:37

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