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I am able to get one page to load in Magento admin using this in the controller which for this example would be in app/code/local/me/one/IndexController.php:

  public function indexAction()

and I created my menu with this in the config.xml

                     <one_menu translate="title" module="foo">
                            <list translate="title" module="foo">
                            <new translate="title" module="foo">


But I cant figure how to create the second link in my example two/index/index ? How would I add that second page in the controller? What would the path be for that second link?

I tried to do something like this in the one/IndexController

public function twoAction ()
{ $this->loadLayout(); etc...}

and thought this might gnenerate a url like /one/index/two but I dont know what I am doing (obviously). Thanks for any help magento really confuses me.

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You have the right answer and don't know it. In the XML change the second <action> to one/index/two, this will generate the correct URL. Now you can create that extra twoAction() method in the same controller and it will receive requests for that URL.

Read about controller dispatches to learn more. Also try a config like this one so your URLs can start with "admin" too.

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oh thanks!! I thought I tried that and couldnt get it to load before but now it works... hmm well I am just glad it does. Thanks for the links too :) –  Zac Dec 21 '11 at 20:38

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